Our Courses

Super Computer College provdes wide range of courses in both hardware and software.

Tally ERP 9

Tally Course teaches students skills like GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting which are needed in business. Tally course focuses on Accounting, Billing, Banking, Payroll, Taxation, etc.

Certificate Course in computer accounting

The main objectives of this course to provide the basic knowledge of IT concepts, improve the skills of IT in a working environment, provide skills of managing ICT resources Effectively, & make aware of IT security and safely issues & etc.

Diploma in Information Technology

A diploma in Information Technology course gives students an opportunity to make a career in the IT sector. After doing this course, students can get jobs in different profiles in small and big companies of computer and IT sector, along with there are also some government job opportunities.

Course on Computer Concepts

CCC, also known as Course on Computer Concepts, is a basic computer course offered by NIELIT. NIELIT is a government platform providing various courses in Electronics and Information Technology. These courses cover both theory and hands-on practical learning. In a CCC course, you study the basic components of the computer and how to use basic computer applications.

Hyper Text Mark up Language and
Cascading Style Sheet

HTML and CSS are two languages that work together to create everything that you see when you look at something on the internet. HTML is the raw data that a webpage is built out of. All the text, links, cards, lists, and buttons are created in HTML. CSS is what adds style to those plain elements. HTML puts information on a webpage, and CSS positions that information, gives it color, changes the font, and makes it look great

Basic Course in Computer Application

BCCA stands for Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application. The Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application program is intended to open doors for students who desire to work as consultants, technical specialists, or managers of information systems.

Web Designing

Students learn how to critically evaluate website quality, learn how to create and maintain quality web pages, learn about web design standards and why they're important, and learn to create and manipulate images.


CABA-MDTP course is a modular course, the course contents of CABA-MDTP include IT Tools and Applications, Internet & Web Designing , Introduction to ICT Resources, Programming and Problem Solving through 'C' Language in addition to Tally and multilingual DTP

Java Language

This course of study builds on the skills gained by students in Java Fundamentals or Java Foundations to help advance Java programming skills. Students will design object-oriented applications with Java and will create Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities.

Diploma in Computer Application

The aim of this programme is to develop working knowledge about computers effectively in developing commercial and scientific applications.


This Typing course is designed to help students develop proficient typing skills through a combination of theory, practice, and application. Students will learn touch typing techniques to enhance speed and accuracy, and they will apply these skills in real-world scenarios.


Shorthand is a subject whereas stenography is the art or the process of writing in Shorthand. It is the combination of words pronounced in English and are written in Shorthand. By learning Shorthand your vocabulary and grip on English Language will improve and it will also fetch you a good professional employment.

Structured Query Language

Structured query language (SQL) is a programming language for storing and processing information in a relational database. A relational database stores information in tabular form, with rows and columns representing different data attributes and the various relationships between the data values.

Python Programming

The course teaches you the essential concepts of Python programming, and gives you an in-depth knowledge in data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, web scraping, and natural language processing.

Desktop Publishing

spects such as typography, document layout (form) and document printing are taken care of by the DTP operator. DTP is not only limited to document processing, creation and printing. Printing items such as posters, business cards, circulars, announcements, sign-boards, packaging products, etc. are also involved.


COPA ITI is one of the best trade of ITI course. COPA full form or meaning is Computer operator and programming assistant. This computer-related ITI trade is of 1 year, during which students are given knowledge of basic computer internet and programming.


The goal of this course is to present overview of IT tools used in day to day use of computers and data base operations. The Course has been designed to provide knowledge on various hardware and software components of computer, operating system, various packages used for different applications,

Assiociation of Chartered Certified Accounts

ACCA as a course covers aspects of Chartered Accountancy such as Accounting, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Taxation, Business Finance and Financial Management.